The Values-Based Leadership process seeks to connect employees, customers, shareholders and all stakeholders in a circle of involvement so that the activities of one group directly benefit the others, with employees being the initial focus. This system of business management has been shown to have a long-term, positive effect on organizational results.

The process was originally developed as “Managing By Values” by noted process consultants Dr. Michael O’Connor, co-author of People Smart, and Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, co-author of the One Minute Manager series of books.

The process defines success in terms of managing by a set of ethical values. This is in contrast to the trend in American business where success is often defined by sheer size with an emphasis on short-term financial results.

The Values-Based Leadership process derives from the belief that a whole community – employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders – will benefit in a very real way from association with a company committed to managing by such a values process.