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HOLT's Express Parts System travels more than 6,000 miles every day, 5 days a week to deliver parts to all HOLT CAT stores and more than 140 drop box locations throughout our territory. The Express Parts system covers more than 100 cities in Central, South, North and East Texas.

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Parts Availability
HOLT offers an unparalleled parts inventory. Our computer system keeps track of over 100,000 line items. In fact, HOLT fills over 85% of all parts orders off the shelf using local inventory. Over 98% of all parts orders are filled overnight using the HOLT Express Parts System and Caterpillar's Regional Parts Depot in Dallas. Over 99% are filled within 48 hours. Next day service is routine on parts orders called in by 5:00PM.

Component Exchange
We maintain an inventory of over 150 different types of exchange components to speed repairs and reduce your machine's downtime. Exchange components include engines, transmissions and torque converters as well as smaller components such as hydraulic pumps, generators, starters, brake bands and shoes, turbo chargers, hydraulic cylinder rods, track rollers and idlers. Exchange components are completely rebuilt in our specialized shops or remanufactured by Caterpillar. All exchange components have the same warranties as new parts. Guaranteed prices eliminate the guess work on your machine's repair costs.